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Hey there! I'm Diana

And food memoirs is my culinary adventure!
I’m a pastry chef by profession ( whose sweet tooth drove her into the world of culinary arts) and also a self taught hot kitchen cook (tho mom has really played a big role in teaching me this bit)… who is in love with baking..making desserts is a passion…Baked cheese cake is my favorite…
My family ,friends and customers love my recipes , so I have decided to keep posting about my culinary adventures.
With this blog I hope to help you make delicious recipes in the comfort of your kitchen . to bring that 

homely aroma of freshly baked goodies and heavenly food into your house… I will be sharing fresh, flavorful recipes that I love to make and you may also like to try out.
My goal is to cut through the clutter of the kitchen stories by making cooking simple and fun for you and not add any unneeded complexity ,there is a lot of that everywhere already…
A little about me.. I love travelling and seeing the world just as much as I love sitting in my kitchen, surrounded by good company, with good food, good conversation, and good friends and family!

When I am not in the kitchen, I enjoy yoga, swimming, reading, watching movies, going to the park, travelling and a little bit of more TRAVELLING…. I love spending time off with nature away from the daily hustle bustle of town.
Thank you for joining me on this adventurous food journey……lets cook on!

My adventures and my Love

my trip to swziland

Sometimes I do get away from it all, the hustle and bustle of the city.. the timer of  the kitchen.. the deadlines of the clients and I experience a whole new world… Adventures fill my soul… I always find a beautiful place to get lost in!

And you often have to taste a culture to understand it… and the “Swazi culture” was a great love!


My trip to mpumalanga with my big Sis

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I have not seen it all but I have seen just a bit  of  the Southern part of Africa and I’d say every piece of it has been a joy, nine provinces of South Africa, bore my travel base.. the experience brought my mind to new dimensions

A game drive in the Samara private game reserve, Eastern Cape

cape town pic
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